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OUHOE™  tinnidrop spray stands out to offer immediate relief from tinnitus symptoms such as ringing,buzzing and ear pain.

What is tinnitus and how does it affect your daily life?

Tinnitus is condition characterized by the perception of sound in the absence of any

external sound source.People with tinnitus often experience a persistent ringing, buzzing or whistling sound in one or both ears.The sound can vary in intensity and may be continuous or intermittent.

Tinnitus is actually one of the most prevalent health conditions worldwide, affecting approximately 10 to 15% of the global population.

Here are several ways in which tinnitus ca affect daily life:

1.Emotional Impact: Tinnitus can cause frustration,irritability and depression.

2.Sleep Disturbance: Tinnitus can disrupt sleep patterns,making it difficult to both fall asleep and stay asleep resulting in fatigue and affecting daily functioning.

3.Communication Challenges: Tinnitus may interfere with the ability to hear and understand conversations ,especially in noisy environments,leading to social withdrawal or difficulty engaging with others.

4.Concentration and Focus: Tinnitus can pose difficulties when it comes to concentrating on tasks that require mental focus.

Benefits of Tinnitus Relief Spray:

Reduced  Ear  Discomfort

Improved  Sleep

Enhanced  Concentration  and  Focus

Improved  Emotional  Wellbeing

Enhanced  Communication

Increased Quality of Life

How To Use:

1. Shake the bottle well before each use to ensure proper mixinig of the ingredients.

2. Remove the cap from the bottle.

3.Hold the bottle upright and carefully place the nozzle near the entrance of your affected ear

4.Gently squeeze the bottle to place a few drops of the solution into the ear canal.Do not insert the nozzle too far into the ear.

5.Allow the solution to remain in your ear for the recommended amount of time specified in the product instructions.This tipically ranges from a few minutes to several minutes.

6.After the specified time has passed,tilt your head to the side or use a tissue to gently drain any excess solution from your ear.

7.Repeat the process for the other ear if necessary.

8.Recap the bottle tightly after each use and store it a cool,dry place.

Product Specifications:

Product Composition: Ginkgo Leaf Extract, Mullein Extract, Sophora Flavescens extract, Lavender oil,vitamin B 12

Net Weight: 60 mL

Useful : 3 years

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